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Our experienced, highly knowledgeable staff use the latest in computer technology to handle your enquiries skilfully and quickly. We have three industrial units housing a vast range of stock together with the latest machinery for cutting and finishing, which includes:

Danobat CP 520AF – Twin Pillar Horizontal Bandsaw

Capacity:   Round Bar: 520mm dia
Rectangles: 600mm x 520mm
Autom.:   Yes
CNC Contr.:   Yes
Application:   Currently our biggest machines cutting 201/2” dia solid bar. Laser controlled blade approach for quickest cycle time. Twin pillar descent for best squareness of cut. Blade deflection monitoring to halt machine if not cutting square. Bundle cutting for maximum productivity. Used for larger diameters and overnight runs of large batches i.e. we can load up to 20 bars of 41/2” dia and produce 20 blanks per cut!

Do-All CA30-NC – Twin Pillar Horizontal Bandsaw

Capacity:   Round Bar: 430mm dia
Rectangles: 300mm x 280mm
Autom.:   Yes
CNC Contr.:   Yes
Application:   Cuts all materials and used predominantly for large batches by day and overnight. Can be programmed to cut several different lengths from the same bar. Twin pillar technology means excellent squareness of cut. Blade deflection monitor stops machine if blade becomes blunt. Bundle cutting of most shapes for maximum productivity. Automatic vice pressure adjustment for tube cutting.

Amada HA250-W – Horizontal Bandsaw

Capacity:   Round Bar: 254mm dia
Rectangles: 254mm x 254mm
Autom.:   Yes
CNC Contr.:   Yes
Application:   Fast setting means this saw is used by day to cut 1 offs to small batches of all materials. By night is set up with larger batch quantities and, like the Danobat and Do-All, left to run overnight.

Everising P100A – High Speed Circular Saw

Capacity:   Round Bar: 100mm dia
Tube: 100mm dia
Autom.:   Yes
CNC Contr.:   Yes
Application:   Carbide blade circular saw cutting up to 100mm dia in steel and aluminium, and 65mm dia in stainless steel. High accuracy, high volume cutting. Superb finish and fast cutting, ie. 2” dia 316 stainless steel in 20 secs, 3” dia alloy 6082 in 15 secs, and 2” dia 230M07 mild steel in 6 secs.

RSA Turnamat – Brush Deburrer

Capacity:   Min Comp. length: 100mm
Max Comp. length: 3000mm
Autom.:   Yes
CNC Contr.:   No
Application:   For brush deburring of steel tube either internally, externally or both simultaneously. Can also brush deburr steel round bar.

Omega H00625 –Horizontal Bandsaw

Capacity:   Round Bar: 150mm dia
Rectangles: 150mm x 150mm
Autom.:   Yes
CNC Contr.:   No
Application:   Cuts all materials. Used for cutting to 1 metre lengths for bar feeds, cut in half service for collections and general 1 offs required quickly.

Sirio 370 – Vertical Circular Saw

Capacity:   Round Bar and Tube: 115mm dia
Square Bar and Tube: 90mm x 90mm
Rectangles: 160mm x 75mm
Autom.:   No
CNC Contr.:   No
Application:   High speed circular saw for cutting light sections and tubes. Digital length setting for high accuracy of cut. Pneumatic vices for swift setting to length stop, excellent quality of cut and consistency of length. Also features mitreing capability for sections.

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All our products are manufactured to the highest specifications and supplied under the cover of UKAS accredited ISO9001:2000.


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